Thursday, 27 June 2013

Beacons- A Selection Of Short Storys

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So lately, I went with my parents to a book release kind of thing to find out about a new (charity) book that has just been released called Beacons. This book was a collection of short stories, all based around global warming and climate change. I know, right?! I had, in simple terms, the time of my life. Not.

Okay, okay, harsh. It wasn't too bad there was lots of crisps to help me through,and the building it was in was beautiful. It was just because I was surrounded by lots of elderly people, who kept on asking me the same questions over and over again, as if I might have aged 20 years since they last asked me....!!
So, basically, it's by a ton of authors who have volunteered their stories, and they are all centered around climate change, can't describe it very well so I'll show you the blurb:

Never before have we been so uncertain about what the following years, decades and centuries might bring. From Joanne Harris' powerful vision of a near future where venturing outside becomes a dangerous habit, to Nick Haye’s beautifully illustrated tale of the bond between man and nature. Here, our authors have created provocative, funny, sometimes satirical, and at times deeply moving stories that bring an immediate reality to the problems at hand.

Anyway, as you probably know if you have read my last few posts, I absolutely love end of the world scenarios. Don't know why,just find them exciting for some reason.
Anyway, after reading the book my verdict is this:

Nice appearance, beautiful front cover as you can see.

The content was good, like all short story books, I didn't love them all, some made me feel very illiterate and some were just to easy to read. It was a good book though and there were some masterpieces in there!

Overall value is good, I think the RRP is around £8.99 which isn't too bad, for 21 different stories by some well-know writers, also, all the  royalties go to a charity, which is called Stop Climate Chaos.

So yeah, I am pretty impressed, it's a good book, despite the opening ceremony!

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