Thursday, 27 June 2013

What I've Decided....

Hi everyone!

As you probably have noticed I have not really been posting for a while now. And the reason is this:
I was posting at nearly every opportunity I got and I had absolutely no time for myself once I got homework, extra-curricular clubs and other stuff out the way! And to be honest, it was becoming a bit of a chore, which I do not want to happen.

So here's my plan:
I am gonna put one WHOLE day aside for blogging every month for writing as many good posts as I can, then save them and gradually post them throughout the month! Thats the idea anyway, this means that my posts wont be so irregular, in random surges of inspiration and other times just leaving my blog lying there to shrivel up and DIE!!!

So yeah...

Anyway, it is now the summer holidays in Scotland, which aside from meaning time off school, it will also give me a lot more free time to blog and more importantly READ!! I swear to goodness, I haven't even considered reading a book in a week so that is gonna have to change. Luckily, the library's stay open in the summer, so I'll try it and pay a few visits, I  might even do the summer reading challenge, now there's a thought....

So there is my excuse, I will try and keep you up-to-date on what I've been reading or just general crap that I like to spin. Also, I was thinking of starting a YouTube series for reviews on some books? Leave a comment below for any ideas, love to see them!

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