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Frozen In Time by Ali Sparks

Frozen in Time

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So lately I've been doing a lot of personal posts, but not many reviews, so I thought I'd do one about this book! Very rarely do I venture from YA to anything younger or older, but this certainly is a good exception! The reason I read this book was actually because my brother got it for his 11th birthday, but never read it so I... how should I put it... apprehended it?

So technically, this is a book for ages 9-12. I would disagree, I think this is a good book for about 9-14? Around that age is probably right...?

But anyway, this book is about these kids that have been Frozen in time using cryogenic technology, but a lot of bad people want to get their hands on them... I'll give you the blurb.

Ben and Rachel Corder are sure they're in for the longest, dullest summer ever, until they discover an underground vault at the bottom of their garden with an amazing secret inside - two children from the 1950s who have been asleep for decades.

But waking up Freddy and Polly Emerson means unearthing the secrets that were buried with them. Why would their father leave them frozen? How is cryonic suspension even possible? Why doesn't the world know about the process fifty years later? How will the Emersons ever fit into the 21st century world of cell phones and microwave dinners? And why does it feel like they're all suddenly being followed?

This book is very well written, and was the Winner of Blue Peter's Book That I Couldn't Put Down and Book of the Year Award 2010 . It flashes from present time to the past, in the years just after the cold war, if my memory serves me right?  I enjoyed the 1950s language and the references to different cultures, and every time I read this, I appreciate it more.

Another thing I love about this book is, although it is quite serious is some parts, it's quite well, funny! Freddy and Polly (the kids from the past) are completely old fashioned and get completely awestruck when they see a car!  It is hilarious watching them come to terms with the 21st century, and realizing that 2009 is very different than 1956.

So here is my review-

Appearance 7/10

It is quite  neat looking book, although the blurb for on the back looks a bit young, if I was being really picky. As you can see in the picture, it has 4 people with 1 climbing out of the ground, which makes it look quite cool. It also has a kind of neon green colour scheme on the back, which makes it look quite interesting!

Blurb 8/10

It makes the book sound really interesting although I think they should of mention the organisation that are after them. Also, as I've said, if I was to be really petty, the font makes it look really young.

Chapter Hooks 10/10

I thought it was really gripping and even a bit creepy, and I think being the Winner of Blue Peter's Book That I Couldn't Put Down kinda speaks for itself.  

Overall Value for Money 10/10

Well, for the BARGAIN price of £5.99 I think that even if you hate the book it is pretty cheap for 325 pages of top quality entertainment! It is a really good book and I cannot stress that enough. So next time you are in your library or book shop or whatever, then just ask for Frozen in Time and give it a read!

Anyway, if you have any comments or ideas, let me know, I absolutely love any comments so just take a second or two to do so!

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