Monday, 22 July 2013

The Best Independent Bookshops In Scotland + What I've been up to!

Hiya Guys!

First of all, can I just apologize for not posting recently! I was on my holidays, just wandering around Scotland with my family really, which was super fun as we had a heat wave so we enjoyed some HOT weather! Anyway, while on holiday I visited some absolutely amazing independent bookshops and I thought I would share with you my favorites!

1. 'The Emporium' is all my fantasies balled up into a small bookshop in Cromarty, a beautiful and picturesque village. It has a small gift shop selling tasteful goodies, 2 'book rooms' and a few tables where you can read, and enjoy a cup of coffee. The lady there is also so helpful, and can take the vaguest answer from you as to what books you like and find the perfect novel for you to sink your teeth into! To the best of my knowledge it just sells second-hand books, which is a plus considering that I am permanently broke!

2. The next bookstore on my list is the comically named Hillbillies Bookstore. When I first saw it I thought it would be filled with travel guides and non-fictional books. But I was surprised by the amount of books for my age group, and what a great quality selection of novels there was. As well as this, there is a really nice coffee shop next door, and the views are amazing, as it is practically perched on the top of a massive hill, looking down onto a white sand beach, which me and my family also visited!

3. My last place, is probably my favourite! It's  called Aberfeldy Watermill. It is a bookshop with a cafe, which is really the hub of the whole establishment, and is surrounded by a few shops. It also has a lovely walk so after you've bought your books you can have a little stroll around the lovely water mill. It was also voted the UK Independent Bookshop of the Year, so I think that says a Lot about it. It always has such a buzzing atmosphere, that is unique to that shop, and the staff are very helpful and polite, and have an opinion on almost any book you ask them about, which is really nice to see.

So yeah, that was just a little post to tell you whats going on. I promise that I will post more now that I'm back from my trip. If you know of any fabby book shops, let me know! I love any comments, so please do not hesitate to do so!

Keep Reading,
BookWorm xx

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