Wednesday, 3 April 2013

X-Isle by Steve Augarde

X-isle book cover

Hey Guys,

I've just finished reading this fantastic book called X-Isle by Steve Augarde, its a book set in the not-too-distant future about a flooded planet earth, and the desperation that ensues.

Here is the extended blurb:
Ever since the floods came and washed the world away, survivors have been desperate to win a place on X-isle, the island where life is rumored to be easier than on what's left of the mainland. Only young boys are in with a chance, the smaller and lighter the better. Baz and Ray are two of the lucky few to be chosen, but they soon discover that X-isle is a far cry from paradise. Ruled by Preacher John, a dangerous religious fanatic, it's a violent, unpredictable place where terrible things can happen at any moment. The boys hatch an extraordinary plan in order to protect themselves - the construction of a mighty weapon of defence. But can they complete this weapon in time, and are they really prepared to use it in order to secure their freedom?

Its a really good book and I'd advise it to anyone, I would probably advise it to people aged about 11 upwards as there is a lot of violence.
Please read this book, its a real page turner, especially if you love end-of-the-world scenarios! 
An excellent book, I'd rate it 8/10!
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